Fleet Rental

  • Richmond Road Cab Centre provides a complete, friendly and professional service for the Licensed Black Taxi Driver. Rent a taxi all to yourself or rent on the Half Flat. (This is the most economical way of working). Work full or part time, it’s all the same to us. All that we ask is that you look after our taxis as if it were your own. We have a dedicated staff to keep you on the road (time wasted in the garage is lost revenue to the driver).



    • Go on holiday and stop paying. (Providing the cab is returned)
    • Go off sick and stop paying. (Providing the cab is returned)
    • Collect an alternative taxi when service is due and keep working with no down time.
    • Personal service from management and staff.
    • AA backup. Minimal time spent in garage equates to reducing loss of earnings.
    • Renting is the only way to budget your expenses for the year (no hidden costs or nasty surprises).
    • Sell us your taxi, keep driving it as a fleet vehicle
    • All inclusive rental prices for a TX model from £200 per wk
    • Alternative taxis provided for any downtime over 3 hours
    • Two vehicle inspections per year



    With every new service we offer at Richmond Road we never forget that the core of our business is you the driver. With the difficult financial times and changing legislation within the trade now may be the perfect time to consider renting. If you choose to own your vehicle there are some things that you need to consider before taking on the commitment and finance of a new vehicle. Don’t be fooled with attention grabbing adverts, read the small print and don’t forget things like initial deposit final balloon payments which could be in excess of £20,000. While we’re on the subject, it costs a lot of money to run a taxi, make sure you factor in.


    • Insurance costs and excess
    • Increasing Repair costs
    • Road Tax Increases
    • Lower residual values with introduction of 15 year age limit
    • Having to pay for the Cab 52 weeks of the year
    • Overhauls and Maintenance
    • 3 Vehicle Inspections per year from April 2013
    • Down Time, while vehicle is in for warranty or repair
    • Cost of replacement vehicle, if cab off the road


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